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What Do We Want? Democracy! Where Do We Want It? In AI Education!
We talk about diversity a lot in the tech world. Sometimes about how important it is; often about how important it is and how we're failing to change anything despite that. With machine learning, this is highlighted even more so given that AI can be applied to fields that most software developers know nothing about. We're missing out on incredible opportunities for positive change because they just don't occur to us. How much do you know about farmer suicide in India? Turns out, machine learning can save lives.

In the news this week, Google is trying to use machine learning to stem the flow of advertisers fleeing Youtube, while Adobe announces fun photo manipulation will be part of its next offering.
Article of the Week
Why We Need To Democratize Artificial Intelligence Education
Inefficiencies abound that can be tackled with machine learning, but acquiring the requisite knowledge and resources to apply A.I. is a huge challenge. You can't teach a machine learning expert everything they need to know to solve problems in agriculture - but you can teach a farmer machine learning basics.
The Bleeding Edge
Meagan Metzger of Dcode42 chat about what AI can bring to government, why AI in the cloud is a necessary development for the future, and how cyber attacks can be combatted with the right artificial intelligence.
Automation and Artificial Intelligence Expected to Create 15 Million Jobs by 2027
We hear a lot of naysaying and doomsday reporting about automation's effect on jobs, but The Future of Jobs argues instead that artificial intelligence is expected to create nearly 15 million new jobs in the U.S. over the next 10 years.

The company's slate of proposed fixes — machine learning to recognize unsavory videos, a more robust ad-vetting staff, stricter policies — didn't do much to stem the exodus when Google announced them last month. They've now added a caveat that videos with under 10k views won't be eligible for advertising, leaning away from machine learning and onto other avenues to fix their egregious mistake.
How Machine Learning May Help Tackle Depression
Experiments lend weight to the notion that there are different types of depression, and machine learning can identify those differences in a way that humans aren't as good at. The theory is that if we can identify the type of depression, we'll be better able to treat it.
Sensei, the arm of Adobe that fiddles around with AI and machine learning, has released a trailer for some new selfie-improving features they have in the works. It's hard to tell much from a short demo video, but if it works as advertised it should do away with selfie-arm for good.

“By far the greatest danger of artificial intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it.” ― Eliezer Yudkowsky
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