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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will shape our future by using data to uncover opportunities and deliver evidence-based solutions.

AI has the potential to boost profitability by 38%
AI identifies better leads to double sales productivity
AI demand planning results in 20% fewer errors and a 30% reduction in lost sales
Unlocking opportunities with AI.
AI and Machine Learning solutions must be thoughtfully implemented. We help governments and industry leaders develop strategies that identify obstacles, assess future opportunities, and achieve the long-term goals necessary for successful AI and ML implementation.
Axiom Zen helped Lululemon adapt machine learning to consumers, increasing sales while reducing resource requirements.
Using award-winning design to deliver powerful AI products.
We've overcome AI and ML scalability challenges with award-winning design that's been in the hands of over 200-million consumers, and powers workflows for some of the world's biggest brands.
Axiom Zen’s award-winning design helped Plume make sense of millions of real-time data points to help secure $37.5M in funding.
Processing data, optimizing systems, and building AI.
We uncover what’s possible with AI by using exceptional engineering methods that turn data into useful solutions.
Axiom Zen partnered with Champions League and FIFA to commercialize state-of-the-art ML and Natural Language Processing research to increase fan engagement.
Corporate profits are in steady decline, but AI and ML unlock new revenue streams
We specialize in new venture creation in emerging technology, partnering with industry leaders to create groundbreaking products and businesses.
Axiom Zen helped Routific transform a route optimization algorithm into an enterprise-grade routing system. In the last year alone, Routific has tripled their team, grown revenue 9x, expanded from 5 to 256 cities, optimized over 5 million routes, and saved over 4.8-million pounds of CO2.
Axiom Zen
Our team includes machine learning scientists and engineers from some of the world’s most renowned academic institutions and companies. We work with governments, businesses, and investors to build innovative, AI-driven products and companies.
Nick Chow
Application Strategy
Ramtin Seraj
Natural Language Processing
Dieter Shirley
Technical Architect
Samira Sheikhi
Federated Machine Learning
Roham Gharegozlou
Product Design
Alexander Hentschel
Systems Optimization
We specialize in applying AI to achieve profitability and sustainability.
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